What to Expect When Visiting?

Welcome to First Baptist Church!

Visiting a new church can bring uncertainty on what to expect. Our prayer is that you find the church family where you and your family can be best served . . . and best serve. Click here to view our Service Times or here for maps and directions.

What can I expect when I arrive at First Baptist?

First Baptist Portland has three buildings and each building is numbered. The Worship Center is in Building 2. You may enter the side or the front of the building. Our greeters will welcome you at each entrance of the building. Expect to be handed a Sunday bulletin.

You may sit anywhere you like, including the balcony. Ushers will help with any seating special requirements.

Visitor’s parking is near the front of the building for your convenience.

First Baptist Church, Portland TN's easiest entrance for Nursery and Grades 1-6
Nursery / Grades 1-6 Sunday School Entrance

Where should I take my children?

During both our 8:30 am service and our 11:00 am service on Sunday mornings your Babies – Kindergartners will be cared for by loving staff in our Preschool Department which is located in Building 3 near the carport overhang, to the left of the Sanctuary’s front.  Our Preschool Welcome Desk is just inside these doors where you will be asked to fill out an Information Sheet for each child and then will be taken to the correct classroom.

Because your child’s safety is very important to us at FBC you will also be given a sticker that will go on your child’s back and also a receipt that you will use when picking up your child from class.  Both the sticker and receipt have the same number on them so that we can insure that only the correct person will be able to pick up your child from class.

What are the services like?

A typical Sunday morning service consists of singing and music, usually a blend of both new and familiar Christian songs.

The Pastor’s message will show you how God’s Word is very much applicable and relevant in our culture and the 21st century.

Both services are an identical blended service, meaning there will be a mix of contemporary and traditional styles.

Will I be singled out as a visitor?

Absolutely not. We make a general announcement to visitors during the service that welcomes them and asks them to fill out a Visitor’s Card if they would like more information about FBC. We do not ask them to stand or identify themselves.

What do people wear?

Come as you are! We don’t make a big deal about what people wear to church. We would never want this to hinder anyone from coming to our church, and especially to Christ.

You will frequently see people in blue jeans and formal or casual business wear, and every style of dress in between!


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