First Baptist Church of Portland, TN

Biblical Answers to Life Problems

  • Is Church Necessary?

    Some say that church is not an important activity, but is that true?

  • How Do I Live for Christ?

    What does it mean to “live your life for Christ?” Many of us recognize the need to have a relationship with God but it may seem difficult to carry out that relationship in our day to day lives.

  • A Christian Worldview

    Dr. Bruce Ashford takes us through Creation, the Fall, and Redemption in Christ to explain the foundation of the Christian faith and belief system.

  • Is There Absolute Truth?

    Today this question is frequently asked in our culture, but it is becoming less likely to find someone with a good answer.

  • Does God Love Gay People?

    Join Jonathan Ervin with Liberty University’s own Dr. Will Honeycutt, Professor Darren Wu, and Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, the Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages, for this thought provoking discussion.

  • What Happens When I Die?

    Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Does everybody go to heaven? Do people just cease to exist? Many contemplate these questions and find them extremely difficult to answer.